• JCJ DATAcomm

    JCJ manages change - identifying your marketing needs, tailoring JCJ services to fit your project, ensuring the job is successfully completed without fuss or disruption to your company.


    JCJ is also a bolt-on for smaller firms who do not have a Marketing Department.  We become that department. This service offers the flexibility that many firms require in order to successfully compete in today's markets.


    JCJ facilitates staff awareness and skills training

    Your staff are often the first point of contact for potential and existing clients. Marketing campaigns and company change can fail without internal support and back up.



    JCJ can provide a comprehensive Advertising Campaign to suit your needs and fit your budget.

    Promotional material





    Social media

    Public display posters


    Point of sale

    Below the line


    Mobile devices



    Direct Mail



    A well managed Brand Identity can make your organisation instantly recognisable


    Is your Brand consistent?


    letter head, brochure, marketing and promotional material


    do they all reflect your Brand?




    Do you feel that the image of your organisation could do with an update? In which case, a re-brand could raise the profile of your firm sending a positive message to clients and staff.


    JCJ can review your material and strategy


    JCJ can implement change


    Event planning

    JCJ organises events for  your clients and your staff


    As part of an advertising portfolio targeted Direct Mail is often a productive addition.


    It must be correctly addressed to recipients who could be interested in your products or services.


    Direct Mail becomes Junk Mail if it does not reach the target audience, is incorrectly addressed or has the wrong message.


    JCJ can organise and monitor mail-shots hitting the identified target market.


    Press releases are sent to newspapers and magazines when there is something of note to report about your business. There is competition for press space so....


    The content must be factual and concise with photographs if appropriate and accompanied by background notes for the editor


    Press Releases must be sent in time for the publications' press dates.


    JCJ can take the brief, write and forward the releases to the appropriate publications.


    Businesses, partnerships and organisations require public and peer awareness in order to promote a product, service or cause.



    To enhance the general perception and project a

    positive image globally, PR can be employed.



    PR offers the ability to build good will between the local community or wider audiences by participation in, or support of, events or projects.


    PR creates opportunities for media coverage and positive comment.


    There are numerous tools in the PR armoury: press releases, media appearances, product launches, along with the requirement to be aware of, and monitor, media and trade channels plus manage crises should they occur.


    JCJ can review and put together a programme to reach your internal or external audiences.


    PR is another piece in the marketing puzzle.



    helping your company reach a wider audience


    Existing clients - Potential clients - Staff

    Introducers - Specialist groups


    JCJ will organise any size seminar from small discussion group to full-scale multi speaker events.


    JCJ liaise with the venues and speakers and assist with presentations and accompanying promotional material.



    Supporting a team, individual, or event benefits a person or organisation receiving the sponsorship.  The sponsor hopes to promote a positive profile and additional sales.


    • Careful planning is essential, matching sponsorship opportunities to your company brand a profile is an integral part of the process.
    • Raise the awareness of your business
    • Raise Brand profile
    • Support an existing advertising or marketing campaign
    • Corporate hospitality at sponsored events can improve client relationships and create a networking platform


    JCJ will evaluate, recommend and implement sponsorship opportunities


    JCJ can:


    obtain a domain name


    register with an Internet Service Provider


    manage the design and uplift of a site